Case Study:

Future Technology Saves a Prestigious Cancer Center in Boston over $1MM
with a Powerful Solaris Upgrade

Future Technologies was recently contracted to implement and support a major upgrade at a Prestigious Cancer Center in Boston. Future Technologies has a five year history as a consulting partner and preferred vendor with with this Prestigious Cancer Center, their exceptional track record and consistent delivery of projects is what has established this strategic relationship.

Future Technologies had been making consistent upgrades over the past few years to this company's systems, but in an attempt to standardize their environment on Solaris10 and Oracle10G RAC, this Prestigious Cancer Center has decided to bring these systems to the next level, introducing multi-domaining technology with the ability to scale for the future.

“Future Technologies has been helping us support and manage our PeopleSoft environment over the past few years. They have invested unlimited amounts of free consulting to help us maintain our production environment. This project has now brought us to the next level… but most importantly it was delivered successfully as well as on-time and under budget, Incredible job!”

Team Leader
Prestigious Cancer Center in Boston

Future Technologies delivered and implemented two (2) multi-domaining Sun Fire 6800's (24-way servers). These Highly Available systems will support and manage this Center's production, development and test environments, while also providing a sound solution to their intensive processor and memory requirements. The end result is, Future Technologies designed and architected an environment that will deliver significantly higher productivity as well as providing the Prestigious Cancer Center over $1MM in savings.

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