Case Study:

Future Technologies And Endeavor Services Group Form Strategic Partnership To Deliver World-Class Service Maintenance

Future Technologies delivers true cost savings to a Boston-based Non-profit Healthcare Company. In an attempt to help this Boston-based Non-profit drive down service maintenance cost, Future Technologies and Endeavor create a comprehensive service maintenance package that delivers world-class engineering, as well as a sophisticated yet inclusive business continuity plan. This plan addresses the invoicing between multiple hospitals as well as supporting an extremely complex IT infrastructure.

“Future Technologies has truly developed a long-standing relationship with our Boston-based Non-profit Healthcare Company… they have not only developed an in-depth understanding of our business, but they have also earned our trust and respect! This is especially important in an industry that is as sensitive as the healthcare industry,”

Open Systems Manager
Boston-based Non-profit Healthcare Company

The Boston-based Non-profit Healthcare Company owns and supports the technology infrastructure for over nine different healthcare providers including the Boston area's largest and nationally recognized hospitals.

“We feel it is a privilege to work with this Boston-based Non-profit Healthcare Company, they are definitely a special and unique client to us… not just for the obvious reasons (a non-profit organization, supporting the medical field and thousand of needy individuals world-wide) but simply because of the culture that is embraced there. From senior management to doctors and engineers, they truly try to put their best foot forward every time… and that drives us at Future Technologies to do the same.”

Future Technologies


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