About The Products We Sell

Future Technologies supplies Best-In-Class server-based technology from: Sun, HP, Compaq, IBM and Cisco. All of our products—servers, CPU boards, processors, memory and disks—are authentic from the original manufacturer and come with a one year limited warrantee. We take great pride in acknowledging that every re-configuration and systems build is performed by certified engineers, who are cross-trained and have a minimum of 10 years field experience. We contribute this level of experience to why we are recognized as an industry leader for product up-time and minimum maintenance support.

Whether configuring a server to scale or designing a configuration for a specific application, we pledge that all servers and components are thoroughly tested, and done so under the strictest ISO 9002 conditions. Our processes and procedures have allowed Future Technologies to incorporate a methodology that delivers our products effectively, efficiently, on-time and under budget. It is this level of commitment and attention to detail that has allowed Future Technologies to successfully differentiate ourselves in such an extremely competitive market place.

The technology industry recognizes excess inventories as a thing of the past… Yet, just-in-time availability is expected but unrealistic. Even when working with the best and largest manufacturers in technology i.e. Sun, HP, Compaq, IBM and Cisco, availability can very often be a significant concern. Sometimes a product may be EOL (end of life) or highly allocated… In this case, knowledge is what again differentiates Future Technologies from our competition. If your company is in the market to purchase new or refurbished technology, let our 12 years of purchasing experience locate and deliver the product that you need available today.

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